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2024 EngFlow Team Summit - Recap

EngFlow Team in Barcelona

April 1, 2024 was no joke for EngFlow! On this humorous day, we gathered for our annual team summit, meeting this year in Barcelona, Spain. EngFlowers from 11 countries descended upon the beautiful Catalan city to deepen ties to our work and each other. A key priority for the week was our “Happy Team” principle, which serves as the foundation of our company framework: “Happy team, Happy customers, More happy customers.” The summit theme also focused on leaning into EngFlow’s core values of LEAP — Loyalty, Excellence, Adventure, and Perseverance.

Part of EngFlow’s loyalty value is to invest in our growth. We invested in our teams by welcoming six new employees to the summit (a few more have joined us since). We focused on growth in other tangible ways, such as improving our collaboration in the (tapas) kitchen!

Team cooking in Barcelona

EngFlowers refine their collaboration skills in the kitchen

chess book

We invest in our teams and growth with the goal of achieving excellence. This value permeated the agenda through a renewed focus on Code Quality and Scaling Excellence. During informal and dynamic breakout sessions, excellence appeared as a key theme across a range of topics. Later on, we had a fierce chess face-off between EngFlowers and some of our youngest summit attendees — a true testament to this value at the event.

Although Barcelona was a relatively tame choice compared to previous off-the-grid locations, EngFlowers trekked far and wide to meet. Our newest Developer Support Engineer traveled all the way from Sydney, Australia (in addition to having the longest journey, the summit coincided with his very first week on the job!). We satisfied our team’s thirst for adventure with a quirky scavenger hunt (see the highlights featuring “awkward family photos,” impersonating masterpieces, and testing our physical and intellectual prowess).

Team scavenger hunt

Team scavenger hunt in Barcelona with creative and silly poses

chess book Despite some crazy jetlag and a host of seasonal colds, we made it through three plus days of a packed agenda. EngFlowers’ demonstrated their unwavering perseverance during the week in a number of ways: coding through a tricky disaster recovery exercise, tackling current business challenges, and taking calls at all hours. While we reserved time to celebrate achievements, our team’s demonstration of continuous hard work and commitment to our customers during our time away showed our sincere drive to truly improve the developer experience.

Reflecting on EngFlow’s values along with our summit location, the FC Barcelona’s club motto of "Més que un club" (More than a club) comes to mind. Just like the inimitable football team’s lofty goals and desire to reach the ultimate level of excellence, we strive to be a truly lovable company and product for our team and customers alike. Counting down till next time!

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